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ENGIE Electrabel offers smart solutions to ensure our customers operational safety. With the B-LEVEL’ED IoT service, you can monitor the levels of tanks in various locations in a single dashboard and receive automatic alerts.

Our offer

Peace of mind: for you and the people in your building

Control: 24/7 monitoring – you can be proactive instead of reactive

Time saved: you no longer need to go to the site

Analysis: you can forecast consumption patterns

  • For property managers who want to anticipate problems
  • For facility managers who want to offer better services
  • For companies who want to monitor their tank levels

24/7 monitoring – be proactive instead of reactive

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Your benefits

All your tanks in a single dashboard

B-LEVEL’ED combines the data from all your tanks in a monitoring dashboard, even if they're at different locations. You can view your dashboard anytime and anywhere via the website or app.

From reactive to proactive

You not only get a 24/7 overview of your tank levels, you can also set critical levels for each tank. If those levels are reached, you are sent a warning by e-mail, text message or push notification

For solids and liquids

Heating oil, water, oil, salt, ink, etc. No matter what's in the tank, B-LEVEL’ED can measure it. The sensors use ultrasonic signals capable of reliably measuring the level of solids and liquids.

Cost efficient

B-LEVEL’ED is cost efficient. The sensor batteries last at least five years. You pay a one-time installation cost and a monthly fee to use the dashboard.

Installation and servicing by ENGIE

ENGIE installs the sensors and handles data communication to the dashboard. B-LEVEL’ED is delivered ready to use. You don't have to do anything.

Less labour-intensive

No more lifting tank covers! With B-LEVEL’ED you and your staff no longer have to go on-site to check tank levels. Which means you save a lot of time and money.

Tank level monitoring in four steps with B-LEVEL’ED

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You can contact us via the contact page.

Contact us

Initial offer followed by a detailed, bespoke offer.
ENGIE takes care of the planning, installs the sensors and activates the software.
Monitor your tank levels via the online dashboard and receive alerts when there are problems.