professional and secure heating system

    An independent audit for your heating installation

    Avoid breakdowns or extra costs

    Is your heating system still functioning optimally? Do you comply with legislation? Our specialists inspect your heating installation, provide you the required legal certificates and advise you on how to extend the life span of your installation.

    Prevent breakdowns and extend the life span of your heating installation

    Inspection of your installation

    Inspection of your heating installations, running on either natural gas or fuel, by experienced specialists

    Providing the required legal certificates

    You receive the required legal certificates for heating installations

    Audit report with concrete recommendations

    Full audit report with concrete recommendations on possible short and long-term improvements

    • Mandatory audit for natural gas or fuel heating installations with power greater than 100 kW

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    Does your heating installation consume too much?

    Test it in a few clicks.

    Do you need an audit?

    Our experts will visit your company and draw up a customised report.

    Your benefits

    Save on your heating costs

    Thanks to regular audits, you can optimise the efficiency of your installation and avoid breakdowns and additional costs.



    In conformity with regional legislation

    An audit is mandatory.


    Independent experts

    Our experts have at least 10 years of experience and are not tied to specific brands or systems. They will give you the best, most objective advice.


    Clear recommendations

    You will have clear-cut recommendations to draft a concrete action and budget plan.

    Your heating audit in 4 steps

    Contact us

    Contact us for an appointment.


    Our expert will ask you for an initial set of data and schedules the appointment.


    Our expert inspects your heating system. You will receive the required certificate and a report with recommendations.

    Follow-up actions

    We are happy to assist you in following up on possible actions to make your heating installation even more efficient.

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