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    Energy performance contract: guaranteed energy efficiency for your company

    Results guaranteed!

    An EPC (energy performance contract) aims to lower your company’s long-term energy consumption. How? By investing in energy-saving measures and by taking care of the daily management of your installations.

    Energy savings guaranteed

    Boosting the energy performance of one or several buildings

    Implementation of energy-saving measures based on detailed audits

    One partner for the coordination, installation, financing and follow-up

    Investments are refunded in energy saving

    • For companies that want to realize a fast drop in their energy consumption
    • For companies that want guaranteed results
    • For companies that are looking for a financing solution for their project
    • For companies looking for a single point of contact
    • For companies that want to entrust the operations and maintenance of their installations to an Energy Service Company (ESCO)
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      They opted for an energy performance contract:

      The Rekem Psychiatric Center

      • Annual energy savings: 64,000 euros
      • Reduction of CO2 emissions: 978 tons
      • 9-year contract
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      They opted for an energy performance contract:

      The City of Geel

      • Annual energy savings: 45% on electricity consumption and 18% on natural gas consumption
      • Reduction of CO2 emissions: 320 tons
      • 12-year contract
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      They opted for an energy performance contract:

      Huy Regional Hospital Center

      • Annual energy savings: 26% on the energy consumption of the hospital
      • Reduction of CO2 emissions: 2,000 tons
      • 10-year contract
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      They opted for an energy performance contract:

      Renowatt : 27 schools in Liege

      • 27 schools (among 50 buildings)
      • Annual energy savings: from 12 to 53% on the energy consumption according to the schools
      • 15-year contract
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      They opted for an energy performance contract:

      The municipalities of Londerzeel & Meise

      • 18 buildings
      • Annual energy savings: 20 to 25%
      • Reduction of CO2 emissions: 700 tons
      • 15-year contract
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      Would you like to improve your energy performance ?

      Discover the potential of EPC.

      Your benefits

      Tailored advice

      We assess which techniques should be used to achieve the ideal energy performance, entirely tailored to your needs.

      A single point of contact

      We manage your project from A to Z. We are responsible for lowering your energy consumption.

      Non-stop follow-up

      Your consumption is monitored on a daily basis. We take care of the maintenance and commissioning of the installations to guarantee the energy savings.

      Budget monitoring

      We commit to a maximum energy consumption via a bonus/malus system.

      Looking for more information?

      You can always contact us with your specific questions. We will give you a solution tailored to the needs of your business.

      Request a quotation

      Energy efficiency in 4 steps


      ENGIE audits your building(s) and installations to determine the necessary energy saving measures

      Determination of energy consumption

      We decide on a predetermined energy consumption that forms the basis of the bonus/malus calculation

      Implementation and installation

      ENGIE takes care of the implementation, installation, maintenance and monitoring of the energy consumption


      Bonus/malus calculation

      Annual bonus/malus calculation based on the results achieved


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