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    Energy performance contract: guaranteed energy efficiency for your company

    Results guaranteed!

    An EPC (energy performance contract) aims to lower your company’s long-term energy consumption. How? By investing in energy-saving measures and by taking care of the daily management of your installations.

    Energy savings guaranteed

    Boosting the energy performance of one or several buildings

    Implementation of energy-saving measures based on detailed audits

    One partner for the coordination, installation, financing and follow-up

    Investments are refunded in energy saving

    • For companies that want to realize a fast drop in their energy consumption
    • For companies that want guaranteed results
    • For companies that are looking for a financing solution for their project
    • For companies looking for a single point of contact
    • For companies that want to entrust the operations and maintenance of their installations to an Energy Service Company (ESCO)

    Looking for more information?

    You can always contact us with your specific questions. We will give you a solution tailored to the needs of your business.

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    Your benefits

    Tailored advice

    We assess which techniques should be used to achieve the ideal energy performance, entirely tailored to your needs.

    A single point of contact

    We manage your project from A to Z. We are responsible for lowering your energy consumption.

    Non-stop follow-up

    Your consumption is monitored on a daily basis. We take care of the maintenance and commissioning of the installations to guarantee the energy savings.

    Budget monitoring

    We commit to a maximum energy consumption via a bonus/malus system.


    The city of Geel will save 45% of electricity in 10 buildings

    Investments pay off relatively quickly, freeing up resources for other needs.


    Energy efficiency in 4 steps


    ENGIE audits your building(s) and installations to determine the necessary energy saving measures

    Determination of energy consumption

    We decide on a predetermined energy consumption that forms the basis of the bonus/malus calculation

    Implementation and installation

    ENGIE takes care of the implementation, installation, maintenance and monitoring of the energy consumption


    Bonus/malus calculation

    Annual bonus/malus calculation based on the results achieved


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