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Energy from solar panels: get more energy from the sun and pay less

More and more companies are interested in producing green energy themselves. Today, solar panels have a good output and help you reduce your energy bills. ENGIE can assist you from A to Z.

What we offer

Thorough analysis of your current situation and saving opportunities. Determining your budget and your priorities, analysis of your building (roof surface, permits, ...) and the calculation of the feasibility of your project

The best possible installation that fits your needs. The choice of a good installion partner is crucial for the success of your project. ENGIE always chooses the best possible installation that fits your needs.

Project-based cooperation. Full calculation of your project based on your specific situation with a realistic representation of costs and returns

For larger projects: ENGIE Sun4Business. We invest in your solar panels through a third party investment solution and put the energy at your disposal: lowering your energy bill from the first year on.

  • For companies that aim to highlight their sustainable image
  • For companies that already have solar panels and want to expand their installation
  • For companies that own a building or site

Looking for expert advice?

Contact us for a consultation with one of our experts.

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Your benefits

Optimal output

Solar panels are an excellent investment. Moreover, installations at corporate sites can benefit from green certificates.

Stabilization of your energy expenses

Your installation allows you to largely set a fixed price for your future energy consumption, protecting you from market fluctuations.

Green energy production for a sustainable image

Solar panels allow you to offer your products or services using locally generated green electricity.

Long-term assurance

Our expertise makes ENGIE your long-term partner, with the best products at competitive prices.

Your solar panels in 4 steps

Contact us
You get in touch with us via our contact page.

Contact us

Initial remote analysis and discussion of the possibilities by phone.
Detailed calculation
ENGIE makes a detailed calculation of the output and costs based on a technical audit.
Development of a detailed business case and seamless installation.

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