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For companies that want to generate their own gree

For companies that want to generate their own green energy


For the production of green energy, you can now own your own small wind turbine. ENGIE collaborates with Fairwind, a Belgian manufacturer of small and 100% recyclable wind turbines with vertical axis. You have the choice between two models:

  Fairwind F100 - 10 kW Fairwind F180 - 50 kW
Power 10 kW 50 kW
Performance (5.5 m/s) 35 MWh 107 MWh
Mast height 18-24 m 30 m
Noiseless from 30 m 50 m

  • For SME's with an annual consumption of 100 to 500 MWh
  • For agricultural companies with an annual consumption of 100 to 500 MWh
  • For local administrations with an annual consumption of 100 to 500 MWh

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Your benefits

A smart investment

Save 10% to 30% on your energy bill each year. Depending on your location, your investment will be paid back after 6 to 10 years. Both Wallonia and Flanders support an investment in a small wind turbine.

An innovative and simple solution

The wind turbines are always well-aligned and do not require an orientation system. The design ensures that low turbulent wind is also captured.

A complete service

Fairwind and ENGIE guide you through the entire project: feasibility and efficiency studies, installations and maintenance.

Highlight the efforts your company is making to become more sustainable

The installation of a turbine on your corporate site allows you to highlight your commitment to sustainability and reduces your carbon footprint.

Green energy day and night

Wind turbines produce energy all year round, day and night, with a peak in autumn and winter when there is less sunlight. They form a perfect complement or an alternative to solar panels.

Innovative design

Due to the vertical axis and low mast height our small wind turbines produce little noise and shade.

The small wind turbine, a smart and environmentally friendly investment.

Your small wind turbine in 4 steps

Contact us
You get in touch with us.

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An initial assessment of your site to determine whether or not a project would be successful.
Return estimate
We work out a business case for your company based on your consumption data and your energy prices.
Coordination and launch
We coordinate the permitting and subvention process, construction and start-up of the small wind turbine.

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