Technician and windturbine

    Wind energy: greener energy consumption with a financial return

    ENGIE invests in wind turbines on your business. We pay you a compensation and you consume the sustainably generated energy locally as much as possible at a advantageous price.

    Our offer

    Locally generated green power at a reduced price

    Compensation for the use of your terrain

    Project coordination from A to Z

    Maintaining contact with residents, government agencies, etc.

    • For companies that want to save on their energy bills
    • For companies that aim to produce their products in a sustainable manner
    • For companies that strive to contribute to the energy transition

    Looking for expert advice?

    Contact us for a consultation with one of our experts.

    Your benefits

    A sustainable impact, also on your energy bills

    Consume locally generated energy at an advantageous rate. No need to pay distribution network fees and taxes on the energy consumed locally.

    Stabilization of your energy expenses

    Your installation allows you to largely set a fixed price for your future energy consumption, protecting you from market fluctuations.

    Financial advantages

    You receive a compensation for use of your site.

    Highlight the efforts your company is making to become more sustainable

    The installation of a turbine on your corporate site allows you to highlight your commitment to sustainability and reduce your carbon footprint.

    Your solar panels in 4 steps

    Contact us

    You get in touch with us.



    ENGIE performs an initial analysis of your site to determine whether or not a project would be viable.


    Output estimate

    Estimate of the output for your company based on consumption data and energy prices.

    Coordination and project launch

    ENGIE coordinates the permitting process, construction and start-up of the wind turbine.

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