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24/24 Support: Your technical support in the event of a power outage

Benefit from comprehensive technical support 24 hours a day in the event of a power outage. Make sure that the power supply to your infrastructure is restored quickly

The origin of the power outage

Simply call the Energy 24/24 service and our experts will identify the origin of your power outage. If it comes from the distribution grid, they will let you know what type of power outage is involved and how long it will last. If it comes from your installations, they will offer you technical advice.

Restarting quickly

When the electricity supply is restored after a power outage originating in the grid, we intervene at your request, where possible within four hours to restart and secure your high-voltage cabin. If the power failure continues, ENGIE Electrabel can supply you with an emergency power unit upon request. A charge is made for these services.

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Repair work on your HV cabin

ENGIE Electrabel is also at your side for repairs to your high-voltage cabin. Our teams can intervene and repair cables, transformers, circuit breaker stations, etc. If necessary, an instrument van can be used to locate a defective cable. Our extensive network of fitters has a permanent stock of spare parts.
A charge is made for these services.

Assistance with connection procedures

Is your organisation connected directly to the electricity grid operated by ELIA? If so, Energy+ is just what you need. In addition to the 24-hour at-your-side services, you also benefit from Connectivity, our expert advice on connection procedures.

Our experts help you with all your contacts with the system operator, both for the access contract and the connection plan, as well as if adjustments need to be made to the available capacity. We are also at your side to answer all your questions about grid quality. You can be sure that the technical connection suggested is geared to your needs and represents the most profitable solution.