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e-Bill : your ‘official’ bills in .pdf

New Simple and efficient! Your "official" bills in .pdf directly sent via e-mail

Electronic bills and paper bills are legally equivalent you like to learn more about e-Billing? Visit the website of the Federal office: Your company can now create, send, receive and keep its bills electronically, with a number of additional advantages.

Opt for the eBill and receive your ‘official’ bills in pdf

  • Directly in your mailbox new
  • Online in your Customer Area

Fill in the online form and you will be notified as soon as the activation is effective.

Your benefits?

  • Rapidity: your bill is sent directly to the right person(s) (possibility to activate up to 5 recipients)
  • Time saved and flexibility: you can easily share your bills and access them wherever you are
  • Simple & efficient: no more paper archiving, lost documents... The last 36 months bills are available online

You still wish to receive your bills in paper format? You can find their electronic version in your Customer Area, via Energy Bill.

For company or institutions that have to manage a large number of bills, we also have a solution customized to meet your requirements: eAccounting.