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Energy Manager Business: your consumption in a few clicks

A perfect and simple way to track and analyse your energy usage
(€ and KWh) to the nearest ¼ h!


  • Your Energy Manager Business collects and summarises technical (kWh) and financial (€) billing information for all of your facilities.
  • For your remote meter readers (AMR), you can access your most recent The data are updated daily, as soon as they are made available by the Distribution Grid Operator, which is generally within 48h of energy use  detailed energy consumption data, which provides you with a clear overview of the evolution of your electricty usage, every fifteen minutes, and your natural gas usage, every hour.

In practical terms…

  • Your billing data and detailed energy usage information, displayed in graphs and summary tables
  • Your history of the past 36 months
  • Downloadable data (in .xls or .csv format)

Your benefits

  • Continuously track your energy usage
  • Quickly detect any anomalies, such as too high maximum power or excessive reactive power usage
  • Save time on collecting and analysing your billing data
  • Establish trends in your energy usage and draw up more accurate budget forecasts
  • Quickly view the impact of energy-saving measures