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HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning)

Improve the energy performance of your buildings




Given the complexity and the technical constraints involved, it is not easy to configure the parameters of a technical building management system as efficiently as possible. 
A BMS Scan (Building Management System) analyses the parameters of your settings and compares them with your company’s real needs. The service puts forward recommendations to optimise the settings. When the situation allows, the parameters are adjusted immediately.
This optimisation saves energy without reducing the comfort of your staff. 


Your benefits

  • Immediate savings
  • No additional investments in most cases
  • No loss of comfort for your staff

To find out more about this service, consult the brochure BMS Scan in FR or in NL



The way your premises are heated, cooled and ventilated exerts a direct impact not only on the performance and health of your staff, but also on your energy budget. This service examines your needs and draws up a proposal for an optimised renovation or replacement of your installation. For the best possible comfort at the lowest possible energy cost.
ENGIE Electrabel can continue to follow your project through by drawing up a performance report as a basis for requests for quotations to be sent to a number of fitters and by assessing the quotations received.


Your benefits

  • Independent support
  •  A project that takes account of all the costs throughout the useful life of your installation
  • An installation that complies with the applicable standards  & regulations
  • Flexibility: you decide on the stages with which you would like assistance
  • Study costs independent of the amount of the investment
  • The possibility of having the work carried out by ENGIE Electrabel-accredited partners

To find out more about this service, consult the brochure HVAC in FR or NL