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Your general meter indicates the energy used by your site. By giving more precise details, submetering enables you to actively manage the consumption of your installations and be alerted to abnormal consumption levels

Thanks to submetering, you can manage your consumption by means of continuous readings from submeters. As part of a feasibility study, ENGIE Electrabel examines the need for and use of submetering for your company and puts forward a practical solution that can be implemented by one of ENGIE Electrabel’s accredited partners.

The assistance provided can then be continued by analysing the data collected and giving advice on ways of optimising your energy consumption.

Your benefits

  • flexibility: you determine the stages with which you would like assistance
  • meters fitted only in appropriate places
  • a controlled investment that can be extended in line with your needs
  • accredited independent experts

Generally speaking, managing such consumption within your company will enable you to increase the efficiency of your meters and hence reduce your budget.