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A customised cooling installation that complies with the law



Renovate and optimise

Over a period of twenty years, around 80% of the total energy costs of a cooling installation are accounted for by energy consumption alone. Consumption on which you can save up to 30% by renovating your installations.

Cooling is an important element in your production process. So you need it to operate as efficiently as possible. This service examines your needs and draws up a proposal for the optimal renovation of your installation. ENGIE Electrabel can continue to follow your project through by drawing up a performance report as a basis for requests for quotations to be sent to fitters and by assessing the quotations received.


Your benefits

  • A long-term technical and economical solution
  • A study that takes account of all the costs throughout the useful life of your installation
  • A cooling installation that complies with the regulations
  • Flexibility: you decide on the stages with which you would like assistance
  • Independent experts
  • The possibility of having the work carried out by ENGIE Electrabel-accredited partners

To find out more about this service, consult the brochure Cooling in FR or in NL


Complying with the law

As of 2015, HCFC refrigerants (such as R22), even if recycled, will be totally banned (apart from a few exceptions). The fR22ze study explains how to modify your installation to bring it into line with the law.


To anticipate and avoid any disruption of your production, it is advisable to draw up a plan of action as soon as possible. The fR22ze analyses your cooling installation and advises you on the most appropriate scenario for eliminating HCFCs.


Your benefits

  • Independent advice, setting out the advantages and disadvantages of each scenario
  • An implementation plan that adapts your installation to bring it into line with the law
  • A report giving figures, with technical and financial explanations
  • Possible continuation of assistance until the renovation is carried out