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Opt for a more environmentally friendly and more economical fleet of vehicles!We will help you with your sustainable mobility plan, in line with your requirements.

Driving an electric vehicle

Our fast, secure and remotely controllable charging solutions have overcome initial problems with charging vehicles' batteries!

Our charging solutions CarPlug Office and CarPlug Home can meet all your requirements. And if you need a charging point during your journey, you can find it here!

Drive a gas-powered car

This is the most economical and environmentally friendly solution for your fleet. And we can help you set it up!

In Germany, France, the Netherlands, Sweden and Italy more than a million vehicles run on compressed natural gas (CNG). Many manufacturers produce vehicles designed to run on gas. So you need wait no longer!

In a fleet of green vehicles, electricity and natural gas complement each other.Opting for one or the other, or both, will depend on your requirements and a number of other factors, such as:

The length of your journey

Electric vehicles are better suited for short journeys, whereas gas-powered vehicles are useful over longer distances.

The type of journey

Electric vehicles are the obvious solution in an urban setting. Elsewhere, CNG vehicles or plug-in hybrids are best.

The fleet

Natural gas is the best option for utility vehicles like vans and lorries.