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Why switch to CNG?

There are 10 good reasons for running your vehicle on natural gas. CNG vehicles generate 12% fewer CO2 emissions than diesel-powered vehicles and 27% fewer than cars run on petrol. They also emit few fine particles and are 25% cheaper to fill up than diesel vehicles. Finally, they have an autonomy of 500 km and a silent, reliable engine. A large range of CNG vehicles is available...


Let's team up to implement your CNG mobility plan

If you wish to implement a sustainable mobility plan and opt for a fleet of vehicles run on natural gas we will help you complete these three steps:

  • Analyse which vehicles you need and how to lower your operating costs.
  • Install an on-site service station (if you require one).
  • Supply a fuel card for our CNG stations and provide an invoicing service.
Download the brochure about running gas-powered vehicles

Others who have opted for natural gas

Transport company DPD is encouraging the use of CNG vehicles and offering its 300 independent drivers financial incentives to swap their diesel-powered utility vehicle for a CNG equivalent. This way it hopes to neutralise its CO2 emissions completely.

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