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Why opt for electric mobility?

Choosing for a fleet of electric vehicle means no more emissions of CO2 or fine particles. But it also means lowering your consumption by a factor of between 3 and 5. And not only is the range of vehicles available steadily growing; more and more charging points are being set up.

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Let's team up to implement your electric mobility plan

If you want your company to implement an electric mobility plan, ENGIE Electrabel and Cofely Services pool their skills to help you by:

  • Defining your needs.
  • Assessing your electrical installations.
  • Drawing up a personalised offer.
  • Installing your ENGIE Electrabel CarPlug system.
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Others who have opted for electric mobility

CHU Tivoli is the first hospital in Belgium to have replaced its diesel-powered vehicles with electric cars. Its aims are to lower annual fuel consumption by 1,500 litres and cut its CO2 emissions by 30%.

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Charge your vehicle at work or at home with ENGIE Electrabel CarPlugWherever it is installed, ENGIE Electrabel CarPlug provides swift and optimally efficient charging!

At work: CarPlug Office

We can install CarPlug charging terminals indoors or outside, in walls or in the ground, enabling companies to provide safe, remotely controllable charging at the lowest possible cost. Three models are available: slow (but still 60% faster than a conventional power socket), semi-fast and fast charging.
CarPlug's intelligent system also provides an overview of your fleet's overall consumption.



At home: CarPlug Home

CarPlug enables you to start charging or programme the charging of your vehicle, see its consumption at any time and display the cost of charging. It can be installed in your garage or car port or elsewhere outside your house. Three models are available: slow (but still 60% faster than a conventional power socket), semi-fast and fast charging.
CarPlug will charge your vehicle up to 60% faster than the standard cable provided with your vehicle and is available in slow, semi-fast and fast charging versions.



Picture this

Find out about the different types of electric vehicles available and how to charge them at home or at work or ask us any questions you might have. We will provide an interactive response, in pictures.

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A partner of Tesla Club Belgium

The Tesla has established itself as the most outstanding electric car. Still leading the way, it has thousands of enthusiastic fans, including ENGIE Electrabel, a partner of Tesla Club Belgium.

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Charging points in Belgium

More and more filling stations are providing public charging points.

And you can swiftly charge your electric vehicle when on the road, too!

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Running an electric vehicle: a very brief guide


The choice of electric vehicles offered by manufacturers today is growing steadily. Find out more!


Follow the consumption of your company's fleet or of your own vehicle at home in real time online.

Accurate expenses

Reimburse your employees based on their actual consumption.


CarPlug can be installed anywhere: in a wall or integrated into a charging terminal.