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Keep your heating system in excellent condition

Not only a properly maintained boiler but also a regular audit, to ensure correct operation of your heating system


Does your heating system still work correctly? Are you compliant with the legislation? Do you have the required certificates?

For heating systems of more than 100 kW or with more than one boiler, you are required to submit an official heating audit report in compliance with the relevant regional legislation.

With our Check-up Heating service you can rest assured. Experienced specialists check your heating system, whether oil or gas-fired, and provide you with the certificates required by law. But the Check-up Heating goes one step further: you get a full audit report with practical recommendations for short and long-term improvements, together with thermographic images.

Your benefits

  • Extended lifetime for your system.
  • Compliance with regional legislation
  • You know whether and how much you can save on heating costs.
  • Clear recommendations, with figures, for a practical action and budget plan.