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High-voltage cabin

A reliable cabin for an equally reliable energy supply



Installation and renovation

The installation or the upgrading of a high-voltage cabin cannot be done just like that. The power supply is vital for the activity of your company. The HV Cabin service coordinates your installation or renovation project from the design phase until it comes into operation.


Your benefits

  • A turn-key service, from start to finish
  • A single contact person
  • An independent and accurate assessment of your project
  • A project that is in line with the future development of your company
  • A project that is in budget and on schedule
  • Years of experience in coordinating high-voltage cabin projects



For more information about this service, consult our brochure HV Cabin in FR or NL or contact us


In-depth inspection in accordance with new regulations

Your HV cabin must be completely reliable in order to guarantee that your equipment will operate without interruption. Moreover, the new regulations (Royal Decree of December 4, 2012) requires you carry out a risk analysis for each high-voltage cabin.

The HV Cabin Check-up service assesses not only the compliance of your high-voltage cabin, but its reliability, lifetime and safety, too.


Your benefits

  • A minimum amount of time invested to ensure compliance with the new regulations: ENGIE Electrabel offers comprehensive coordination.
  • Close attention to reliability and lifetime expansion
  • Option of having an ENGIE Electrabel partner complete the works
  • ENGIE Electrabel’s expertise
    • Over 600 HV Cabin Check-Ups performed over the last 2 years
    • Each expert boasts at least 10 years’ experience

For more information about this service, consult our brochure HV Cabin Check-up in FR or NL or contact us