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Power Quality: ensure the quality of your power

Avoid production stoppages and the deterioration of your installations by keeping control over the quality of your electricity supply. Keep your installations in line with the applicable standards

A question of profitability

Your profitability targets call for continuity in your activities. So it is essential for your installations and processes to be protected at all times against voltage drops and harmonics and for your electrical systems to operate at peak capacity.


The analysis and the plan of action

You can save even more by preventing problems of quality and immunity at an early stage. With the Power Quality service, we measure and analyse the quality of your electricity supply so that we can suggest corrective actions.

Experts at your service

Our teams are responsible for identifying the origin of quality problems and defining appropriate and economical solutions for you. We make sure that your electrical systems reach their peak performance level. Do you need a new installation? Our experts will guide you so that this operates properly and can absorb disruptions in the power supply.


Your benefits

  • Better protect your installations against any malfunction
  • Optimise the performance of the electrical system