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Reduce your reactive consumption and your bill

High reactive consumption creates a pointless overload on the grid which is penalised by your DGO. Keep your reactive consumption under control with Reactive energy compensation study

Every company generates reactive energy by using motors, transformers, fluorescent lighting, etc. Unlike active energy, reactive energy serves no purpose. If this reactive consumption exceeds a certain threshold in your company, the distribution and grid operator (DGO) will charge you extra.


Avoid the penalties.

The Reactive energy compensation study service is a comprehensive solution that helps you avoid penalties by reducing your reactive consumption as much as possible. We examine the situation and put forward a solution adapted to the technical needs of your company. The proposal can then be implemented by an ENGIE Electrabel-accredited partner.

The solution

You can avoid the penalties resulting from reactive consumption by installing a condenser bank or adapting the existing bank. The Reactive energy compensation study service offers you the following benefits:


  • No penalties charged by your system operator
  • Independent advice that proposes the adaptations required in line with your needs
  • A long-term solution that takes account of the way your company is developing
  • A quotation free of any obligation from an experienced fitter
  • Good quality materials.