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Producing and using steam efficiently

Steam has to be produced and used efficiently. By renovating your installation and only using steam where this is required, you will make substantial savings

Is your steam installation over twenty years old? Are technical problems and maintenance costs building up?

This service examines your heating needs and your steam installation. It draws up a proposal for the optimal renovation or replacement of your installation to ensure more efficient use of energy.

ENGIE Electrabel can continue to follow your project through by drawing up a performance report as a basis for requests for quotations to be sent to a number of fitters and by assessing the quotations received.

Your benefits

  • A study that takes account of all the costs throughout the useful life of your installation
  • A steam installation that complies with the regulations
  • Flexibility: you decide on the stages with which you would like assistance
  • Study costs separate from the amount of the investment
  • Independent experts
  • The work can be carried out by ENGIE Electrabel-accredited partners