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Energy Roadmap: plan your energy savings efficiently

The Energy Roadmap is an energy plan covering several years that aims to increase the energy efficiency of your company


Save € 35 000 a year

This is the average amount identified by an Energy Roadmap for investments that pay off in less than two years. Would you like find out about the potential for saving in your company? Would you like a clear energy plan covering several years, setting out the arguments in favour of each of the measures proposed? Would you like a clear idea of your future investments?

A personalised energy plan

The Energy Roadmap provides you with a report that defines the measures to be taken to make savings, specifies the investments needed and calculates the financial impact. Our experts also check the conformity, reliability and safety of your installations as well as seeking out any risks of internal disruption of the power supply. We then draw up a plan of action setting out the measures, classified by priority, that you can take within a given period of time.


Your benefits

  • Several consumption points examined and compared simultaneously
  • A clear idea of the investments, the return-on-investment time and the subsidies available for each action proposed
  • The shortest possible investment of your time to produce a clear energy plan covering several years
  • Assistance during implementation
  • Advice from independent experts