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Your photovoltaic project in 4 steps

Opting in favour of photovoltaic panels involves a major investment. Here are a few tips, in four steps, to help you make the right choices

Step 1: Define your budget and your priorities

Producing your own green energy provides an opportunity to reduce your energy bill. However, it is important to define your budget and your priorities in advance.
To ensure maximum output from your photovoltaic panels, you need to use your energy rationally. How? We can give you numerous tips on saving energy.

Step 2: Analyse your building

  • Available surface and roof: to ensure the best possible output from photovoltaic panels, your roof has to meet certain conditions. Is the incline right? Does it face in the right direction? What roof surface can you use?
  • Planning permission: in some cases planning permission is required to install photovoltaic panels. Contact the authorities and your commune to find out about the conditions and any grants that may be available
  • Connection to your electrical installation: when you install photovoltaic panels, the change in your internal installation has to be validated. Does your electrical installation meet the necessary conditions? To find out more, contact your Account Manager


Step 3: Calculate the feasibility of your project

  • Cost of a photovoltaic installation: the cost depends, among other things, on the total surface area on which you install PV panels. Your Account Manager will help you to estimate the budget required
  • Grants and subsidies: a photovoltaic installation is a source of environmentally friendly energy. Some bodies therefore provide grants and subsidies for their installation. We provide you with the addresses and application forms
  • Making your installation pay: for an installation with an AC capacity of 10 kW to 100 kW, you have to install a dual meter. This can be used to provide a detailed record of the electricity that you use and that which you re-inject into the grid
  • Green certificates: with a PV installation, you become an energy producer yourself. The green electricity you produce is recorded by means of a separate green meter. Consequently, your distribution system operator can measure exactly how many green certificates your installation entitles you to. Each green certificate can then be sold under certain financial conditions which differ from one region to another. To find out more, contact your distribution system operator or your Account Manager


Step 4: Installation

Choosing a good fitter is decisive for your project. In fact, the useful life of your installations depends heavily on how skilled the fitter is and on the quality of the components he proposes to use. Solar Technics, which is part of the ENGIE group, has been active in the field of photovoltaic energy since 1993 and has undertaken several hundred projects for private individuals and companies alike.