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Price products

With the range of ENGIE Electrabel price products, you can manage the risks linked to fluctuations on the energy markets, but also take advantage of the opportunities they offer

Thanks to our experience on various markets, we are able to offer you an innovative range of price products and related services. So you can put together a customised solution to optimise your energy purchasing policy.

Fixed prices

A price product that offers you the greatest possible budget certainty. Your energy price is set when the contract is signed and will not alter for the entire period covered by the contract.

Indexed prices

  • Average price: a range of products where the price is determined by the average of the prices on a reference market. You can be sure of a price in line with the market, giving you peace of mind
  • Clickable prices: with this range of products, you benefit to the full from market opportunities while at the same time being less dependent on the time when your contract is signed. You follow a reference market but you can switch to a fixed price in one go or in several stages when you wish